Hot Runner injection moulding

//Hot Runner injection moulding
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Hot Runner Reputed Suppliers

Hot runner injection moulding is an increasing method of injection,which hold the plastic hot during injection during moulding process. This feature cut certain moulding time,  make more precise parts and improve the surface outcome in some cases.

Choose the right mold type

Cold Runner and Hot Runner are 2 main stream mold types.Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of hot runner

  • Potential faster cycle times
  • Eliminates runners and potential waste
  • No need for robotics to remove runners
  • Can accommodate larger parts

Disadvantages of hot runner

  • More expensive molds to produce
  • Color cannot by easily changes
  • Higher maintenance costs and potential downtime
  • May not be suited to certain thermally sensitive materials

Advantages of cold runner

  • Comparatively cheaper to produce and maintain
  • Comparatively cheaper to produce and maintain
  • Color changes can be made quickly
  • Fast cycle times if the systems include robotic assist in removing runners

Disadvantages of cold runner

  • Cycle times are slower than hot runner systems
  • Plastic waste from runners (particularly if they cannot be reground and recycled

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