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Who are we?

“] Corelmould Precision is a dedicated molding design and manufacturing company in Shenzhen, since 2005. During last 7 years, Corelmould has designed and moulded over 4,000 sets of moulds for over 200 companies, in and out of China. We cover a wide range of applications, from LED lighting to computer and cellphone accessories, from moniters to motors parts, from daily neccessities to industrial products. We have earned standings and trust from customers with our professional, dedicated and exquisite services and manufacturing. We have built a professional team to accept difficult chanllenges.
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What can we offer?


1.Professional designing and Consulting

Not just get the job done, but in the best way to produce products, so the cost and production time are both minized. Our team not only have the experiences of designing moulds, but also have worked in manufacturing factories to know very well the production of products.
Hence, we can make the moulding design more close to the prodution needs…
Hence, we can give professional opinions to you if it is neccessary
We can also flexibly adjust many factors according to specific requirments from clients.

2.Prompt response

Initial assessment in 8 hrs after inquiry received, including moulding cost ,lead time, weight and volumne.
Our sales/sevice team Respond in 20 minutes at work time; 24/7 waiting for your calling.
Our sales/service can understand you professionally and respond quickly

3.High precision and long-life span

With our range of machines, you will have the precision you want. And due to the design and materials we implement, your moulds will come with 1M even 5M production circles.


With all our professional team, we can evolve with more flexible options for various needs in different industries. [/pane] [pane title=”

Who will handle your moulds?

“] Your moulds will be designed and manufactured by our elite team, most of which have over 5 years experiences in this field. And you will have a assitant in our sales/service team to better communicate and supervise every steps over the process.

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What materials do we use?


All materials will depends on your requirements. These materials will be confirmed by you before the manufacturing begin. [/pane] [pane title=”

How do you charge?

“] We provide very flexible quotations based entirely on your requirements. Due to our experiences and profession, we are able to adjust  our design to fit your goal. Some clients want accurancy, some want cut the developing cost and moulding cost, some want to max its production life circle. We know it vary and we adapt to help our clients to achieve their needs. Just send us your requirements and/or design, and let us quote.You will be surprised.

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How it works here

“] Corelmould workflow

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