Welcome: What can we manufacture for you?

With over 300,000 bottles we produced every month,, Corelmould is one of the most professional and trusted  blow injection moulding manufacturers in Shenzhen China.

High Quality: You Need It, We Gladly Provide It.

Our #1 priority is you,  our dear customer. We believe in our professional manufacturing  and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your products as much as you do, which is what our company and people reply on. It is our best interest to massively produce good products for you to sell thousands or millions of them, hence we put our dedicated and professional work to every details in  your project to make you successful, which is also our success .Yes,  You can count on us.

Trained Workers
Precision Machines
Monthly Capacity
Build a new blow mould

Professional Options: In Every Stages, In Every Detail

From design to material choose, from manufacturing to shipping, we provide you professional and experienced options for you to achieve your goal in the best and economic way: to avoid design flaws, to lower the risk, to get the quality done, to minimize the cost and to simplify processes.

Best Choice:How to make your bottle?

There are different blow manufacturing methods to get the best result of your products.

Injection Stretch Blow Moulding

Basically all PET use injection stretch blow moulding. A PET preform from injection will be stretched into a smooth and polish bottles with high precision. There will be no parting lines at its central body.But there will be a dot at its very bottom

Extrusion Blow Moulding

Most materials use extrusion blow moulding. The machine extrude a pipe-like heated plastic into the die postioin. The dies close and the machine blow it into form.There will be a prominent parting line at the bottle and the surface usually is not so good as PET bottles. Also the wall-thickness is not even.  Nevertheless, it works perfectly in thousands of applications.

Multi-layer Blow Moulding

Some certain material is just not enough. So we make multi-layer bottles with features of 2 or more materials.

Choosing Right Materials: What is the Best, What is the cheapest?

There are limited materials that suit blow injection moulding,  and each one of them has its feature.

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Most wanted Applications

Blow injection moulding is widely used in many industries  as all kinds of containers and packages with good fashion designs under high standard.And its applications are increasing every day with your creative way of using it.



Edible Oils

Water Cups /Wine Cups

Water bottles/Flasks

Drawtube/Stretch Pipes


Spray bottles

LED Lamp Cover/Diffuser

Candy bottles/Gum bottles

Medicine bottles

Your creative products

Make it happen:The market is waiting for your products

Bring your awesome designs into real products with corelmould. It has never been so easy and simple with this professional and dedicated manufacturer at your service.

Better Than Ever:Starting a blow mould with 500USD

Corelmould appreciate your interest greatly and we are willing to provide a minimal tooling of 500USD offer for every new client  until the end of this month.  Be sure to get our best offer!

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