WTX CORELMOULD is  a dedicated plastic injection molding solution and service company in China. We provide optimal solutions for manufacturing of plastic and metal parts, right from the design of products to tooling, packing to assembly and shipping.We believe our long term interest only come from good quality and excellent service, in time and on time.We have built over 300 sets of moldings for a wide range of industries, with various structures and materials handled. We are capable of adapting to fulfill your priority requirements on different dimensions of quality,cost, delivery and serives. Afterall, every client is unique and focus differently every project every time.Our solutions and services have earned favors from customers in many countries, like Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, and  USA.

We appreciate every client and their every single project. We believe our business is only based on making our clients’ successful and happy. Our business can only benefit from a  long-term good cooperation. We are grateful for your presence and business.

We are directly expanding our business worldwide since 2013.A professional engineering and sales team are now working for you to make your manufacturing job much easier and better.

What services do we provide

  • Molds design and manufacturing; including injection molding,blow injection,extrusion molding,silicon molding, metal die casting molding,rotational molding
  • Injection moulding massively; including plastic injection, die casting, blow injection, silicon injection.
  • Painting and printing; sand-blast, pad print,multi color printing
  • Assembly; we are happy to assemble the final products here for you in our factory
  • Sourcing; In case you need some accessories, we can help
  • Product design and 3D reverse engineering; Our engineer can design products from scratch

What industries have we served?

  • Auto industry, car lamps, car bumper, car dashboard, car charger
  • Cellphone cases, tablets cases, telephone cases etc
  • 3D-glass frames, cameras, printers etc
  • Home appliances and kitchen wares
  • Glass/door/desk accessories
  • Medical and equipments