If you need to quickly fabricate a scale model of a part or assembly, then it’s time to look into rapid prototyping services. This method uses three-dimensional computer aided design (CAD) data. Over the years, a number of rapid prototyping techniques have been made available—layered manufacturing, computer automated manufacturing, and free-form manufacturing. Whether you need something to use for visualization or testing, rapid prototyping can help you. Models for tooling such as silicone rubber molds and investment casts can also be created with this method.

Rapid prototyping is used for a number for reasons. For instance, it helps in reducing development time by allowing product corrections to be made early on in the process. Prototyping can likewise let you avoid costly mistakes by allowing changes to be done while it is not yet expensive to do so. It also minimizes sustaining engineering charges, and it prolongs the lifetime of a product since it adds useful features and diminishes unnecessary ones in the previous design.

Rapid prototyping services will allow you to increase the number of variants of your products, make your product more complex, and decrease delivery time. Current rapid prototyping techniques typically involve constructing a CAD model, converting it to STL format, and then processing the STL file to create separate layers of the model. After that, the layers are assembled until the model is completed, and then the model’s surface is cleaned.

When looking for a rapid prototyping services in China, consider hiring a company that has enough experience, insight, and connections that are required to carry out excellent jobs. It is crucial that you work with a reliable manufacturer so that you can just focus on your marketing, knowing that your scale models will come out great. The best manufacturing companies in China follow strict quality standards and conduct pre- and post-measures that would shorten the operation cycles. See to it that the company has skilled and experienced workers who will understand your project needs.