Tom Xian
Tom XianMold design director

For free moldflow analysis

We strongly prefer 3D drawings in the format of STP/STEP/IGS/X_T etc; With detailed 2D drawings which We can transform into 3D drawing, that works for us too.
Please also advise the preferred resin.It would be even better with designated brand and model of resin.
Moldflow analysis sometimes takes hrs to run.So please stay patient with us when your part is big.

For Free cost analysis and tooling estimation

we will need some basic information to give a rough cost on both part unit cost and tooling fee

You can submit it by 3D drawings like STP/IGS/STEP/SLDPRT/X_T; or you can provide PDF/Pictures/2D CAD drawings, along with material preference/application/weight/size etc.
The more detailed your information is, the more accurate the estimation is

Free Moldability Check

3D drawing is preferred to make the best review and suggestion.
Requirements are also necessary in some cases

Free consultance on optimal material selection

Application requirements are the No1 element to choose a proper material;
Structure also is very important sometimes.

Free suggestion on Optimal Manufacturing Process

Necessary information:
Quantity to produce.
In many cases, there are several manufacturing process with different tooling/unit price combination. The quantity usually justify the proper selection