Corelmould has been in plastic tooling and molding business for over a decade. We have been prime contract manufacturer and/or subcontract manufacturer for many prestigious firms around the world. Our good services have rewarded us greatly in the past. It should stay so in coming more years, in our belief.

We practice these principals on our daily operation.

  1. We strictly protect our prospective/current clients’ confidential information and intellectual property.
  2. We work as and only as a plastic-oriented manufacturer. Our core business enlist it our partner of yours, not any kind of competitor.
  3. We take quality as our fundamental core competency.
  4. We keep our schedule on time
  5. All cost and charges are listed clearly.No hidden skeletons.
  6. We do what we say
  7. We say what we do and think

Why should you work with corelmould?

  1. Fluent English-speaking sales, experienced and skilled engineers, happy workers and nice boss
  2. Full set of tooling/molding machines allow our full quality control and production arrangement
  3. Excellent management system
  4. Supported by cooperative sub-contractors.