Corelmould precision has been providing mold<tooling> and injection service in China for more than 7 years.You can have advantages working with us

  • High precision industrial machines

    Germany and Japanese high standard precision and complexity is available in corelmould

  • Great Capacity

    We produce 50 molds each month, with the capacity of 200 molds;
    We are allowed to inject over 400,000pcs per day; with 80T to 2000T different injection machines;

  • All-in-one service

    Product design, tooling design, injection, painting and assembly are available and professional

  • Professional and dedicated engineers

    A memeber of 20 experienced engineer to deal with different requirements and challenging tasks;

  • Passionate service

    Our salesmen respond in half hour in most days; 8 hours in every single day;


[accordion align=”” numbers=”false” first_one_open=”1″] [pane title=”How long it takes to build a mold”] Typical deliver time for typical molds after file confirmation and payment confirmation, it is 24 days;But we have done urgent jobs in 15 days; Some complicated and high-demanding molds require more days [/pane] [pane title=”How much does it cost”] Depends on:1.size;2.structure and its complexity;3. requirements,like finish;;5.Timing;6.other factors [/pane] [pane title=”Do you make hot-runner molds,double-shot molds and insert molds?”] Yes, we all make. [/pane] [pane title=”How good is the mold?”] We can fully meet Industrial standards with economic advantages internationally;[/pane] [pane title=”What files do we prefer?”] You are appreciated to send us cross-platform formats, like.STEP/.IGS/.X_t files.[/pane] [pane title=”Who should i contact?”] You can always send your requirements and files to or call us 86 152 2005 8905.[/pane] [pane title=”When will you get a response?”] You will receive response in half hour in working days; 8 hours on Saturday and Sunday [/pane] [/accordion]