Insert Injection moulding

Insert injection moulding is to add metal parts into plastic parts before injection, so  to combine the features of both metal and plastic. In most common cases, it is to insert copper/stainless steel threads or threaded rods into plastic parts, as plastic threads are ease to damages and non-repeatable.  Also it is often very costly or even impossible to make thread out of plastic directly. These metal threads or rods are designed particularly to fit the insert injection process and grab plastic firmly. In some other cases, metal might play the main function role, with plastic for better touch feeling and handy shapes.

Insert injection parts may have increased cost due to 1> cost of inserts, 2> insert cost by hands,3> extended injection time.

Wide-range of threads

There are almost all kinds of copper threads available for your use.And it is really ease to customize it.However it is highly recommended to use standard threads, so to reduce process, save lead time and cost.

Plastic with metal forces to grab

Most common application is to insert copper threads to plastic help housings and lids to grab each other firmly and maintenance easier

Awesome Parts with inserts

Using insert injection moulding to do more