From concept to delivery

We started this solution as more and more clients need an all-in-one service, not just manufacturing but also the design for manufacturing. Instead of going to up-works and other platforms to work with mechanical engineers, it turns out to be better to work with a very experienced and connected manufacturer in Shenzhen. All you need to do is to present your concepts and constant communication with us.

Why should you do this?

First of all, compared to separate stages with separate companies,  the whole process take significantly less time within our organization. You only need to communicate with one company from start to end.

You can focus your energy and time on real important things, like marketing and promotion.  And you can hire fewer people of permanent jobs to finish your projects and risk less in this process.


Why should you work with us?

  1. Your special requirements and challenges will be fully understood here, by a company of many prior successful international cases.
  2. You can easily communicate with our cordial and fluent representatives;
  3. You get full feedback and suggestion on manufacturing results and choices, regarding cost, finish, material and delivery
  4. Your information is classified and used strictly in necessary hands only, with your consent.
  5. You will feel happy to choose us after the projects finished.

How does it proceed?

A.: Sign the NDA<non-disclosure agreement>

B.: Provide your concepts/functions/idea/references/samples for us to review, as well as your budget, schedule and target prices.

C.: We come back with estimated cost and schedule, as well as our feedback and suggestions

D.: Agreements on requirements/cost/delivery

E.: Sign the turn-key contract and pay the upfront for design stage.

F.: We provide weekly reports to update you in every steps.

G.: Virtual design in 2D/3D communication and agreement

H.: Prototypes samples

I.: Changes of design if there is